STEP-A Offer to Public Sector

STEP-A has internationally recognised expertise in the application and development of new technologies to education and public services. It also has a track record of spotting and forecasting trends in this area.

Offer to Private Sector

We are now strengthening our offer by adding further dimensions to our portfolio.

Our core staff have National and International experience of Government, New Technologies and Educational Leadership.

We are able to design bespoke offers which combine expertise from the menu above on behalf of our clients.

We have developed a unique combination of respected knowledge in the following areas:

  • Development of Policy at National and Jurisdiction levels
  • Development of Leadership at System and Local Levels
  • Rapid Application and Deployment of new technologies to raise educational and public service delivery standards
  • An understanding of workforce training needs at National and Local levels
  • Brokering cutting edge private sector knowledge for the benefit of public services
  • Experience of Innovation at a National Level
  • Strategic Support for design and implementation of policy and practice