Current Projects

STEP-A directors have a long history of supporting and advising major international companies such as Microsoft , Apple, Intel, DELL, HP, and Promethean.

Most recently SMART, Alexandria Trust and Shirelands Academy have been added to this list with STEP-A providing strategic advice on direction within the  education environment and advice on trends in the education environment in the UK, Europe and targeted other international locations.

Case Study: SMART

STEP-A are providing strategic advice and thought leadership to SMART Technologies.  We are assisting them centrally at their global HQ in Calgary to inform their evolving educational vision.  We are also working across the EMEA region to help develop markets and user engagement.

Case Study: Alexandria Trust

We are working with the Alexandria Trust to support their bold ambition: to contribute to restoring world class standards of education across the Arab region.  We are helping their discussions, and improving their profile with appropriate ministers of education and other senior policy figures as well as advising on the use of technology to achieve their aims.

Case Study: British Educational Suppliers Association

BESA has played a major role in organizing the Education World Forum and its predecessor events and took over the key organisational role for January 2011, contracting STEP-A for its successful delivery.  The event is the largest annual gathering of education ministers in the world, regularly attracting more than 50 ministers of education to address and to debate issues of global significance. 


In the last few years STEP-A directors have worked with a number of different countries providing strategic advice and support on their e-learning policies.

This has included work with countries as diverse as Singapore, Qatar and Malta. As well as direct links with governments STEP-A has good relationships with many national and multi national agencies, such as the Consortium of School Networking in the USA and European Schoolnet (a consortium of 30+ ministries of education across Europe).

Current work and new developments are on-going in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Case Study: Apple Europe

STEP-A were engaged by Apple Europe to assist in raising the profile of technology as a strategic enabler of learning in schools.  As personal technology becomes more prevalent, and tablets and other mobile devices are used both at home and at school, more examples of schools fully embedding technology in learning are emerging with stunning results in pupil engagement and attainment.  Apple products are at the forefront of this development.

STEP-A were assisting Apple in raising the profile of these changes, and compiling evidence to assist policy makers.  This was principally in the UK, but expanding elsewhere in Europe and the Middle East.